• Cross flow heat exchanger 929x929x1050 mm
  • Aluminum prepaint slats
  • Max capacity 49kw
  • Min and Max Temperature -30˚C to 90˚C
  • Air supply 5000 m3 hours at 120 pa
  • Start capacity with clean filters 6,000m3 hours at 350 pa.
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Download the montagehandleiding (Type G6000A or G6000B)


Condensation water is collected in the bottom tray where a water drain connection is installed. This can be connected through a hose or fixed drain.

Roof type

Granovi Air Solutions is suitable for different types of roofs; both sandwich and corrugated iron sheets.

Corrugated iron roof:

  • Type G6000A: heat exchanger where the incoming air is drawn in between the corrugated iron sheets and the insulation.
  • Extra efficiency can be realized because the incoming air is often warmer than the house temperature.

Sandwich roof:

  • Type G6000B: both the inlet and the outlet go through the roof.





There is an additional energy advantage when the air can be extracted between the corrugated iron sheets and the insulation. During the day, the temperature between the corrugated iron sheets and the insulation is considerably higher, which significantly increases the efficiency of the exchanger.


Measuring impeller easy to install in the filter housing.

You can hang the exchanger by making an angle iron with holes on the ceiling.


Granovi Air Solutions