A number of 5000m3 heat exchangers are placed in the middle of the barn (advice: 1m3 per animal).

During the first 3 to 4 weeks this capacity is sufficient to retain 99% of fine dust > 10 microns.

To reduce more even more fine dust, additional filter units (without interchangeable block) can be installed to further reduce emissions.

The modular fine dust filter

The filter unit is made of modular parts so that it can also be easily installed in renovation houses. Depending on the ventilation capacity, several units can be placed next to each other. By measuring the negative pressure behind the unit, one can determine whether the filter is contaminated. The filter can also be cleaned using the clock setting notification.

Cleaning filter unit

By having the fans rotate in reverse (possibly in a dark period), and at the same time letting the brush system move over the filter, the dust from the filter falls into the litter layer.


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